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Child Development

(Grades 3-12)
Youth learn about how children grow and develop and how they can care for themselves, their family and community through the "Kids on the Grow" curriculum. This guide is excellent for 4-H, after school programs and home school. The curriculum is designed to wrap around the new "Red Cross  Babysitter's Handbook".  

Level 1, "Growing on My Own" explores how they grow and develop; how to inspect toddler's toys and make their home hazard free.  In Level 2, "Growing with Others", youth learn about self-care, rules, responsibility and safety and are introduced to babysitting.  Level 3, Growing in Communities, focuses on child development careers, gaining experience as a teacher or coach, participating in a community service project and learning that children with different abilities have different needs.  The helpers guide features nine engaging group activities.

The additional child development resource "American Red Cross Babysitter's Handbook" may be purchased from your local American Red Cross.

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Clothing & Textiles

Sewing Expressions (Grades 4-12)
Youth learn to be smart clothing consumers and they have numerous avenues to create garments and unique costumes.

Clothing Decisions (Grades 6-12)
A Style of Your Own series is designed to help you learn decision-making skills based on fun, hands-on clothing activities you can do alone or with youth as young leaders.  

Decorate Your Duds
This project is embellishment of a garment or accessory. The objective is to provide 4-Her's a chance to sample and experiment with a variety of textile crafts and encourage youth to develop creativity, individualism, and imagination by creating "one-of-a-kind" garments and accessories.

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Consumer Savvy

(Grades 3-12)
Youth consume more than $175 billion of goods and services each year. Through Consumer Savvy, youth will become informed and responsible consumers in today's dynamic marketplace.

Resources & Links:

  • State 4-H Consumer Choices Contest

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Fiber Arts

Crochet (Grades 5-12)
This project is an introduction to crochet planned for youth in grades 5-12. You will discover how to buy yarn, thread and equipment, learn crochet and finishing techniques, care for crocheted items and much more.

Embroidery for Enjoyment (Grades 3-12)
This beginning project is aimed at youth in grades 3-12. The embroidery project is designed to encourage creativity and meet the needs of each individual member. The project includes crewel embroidery. You will learn basic embroidery stitches, techniques and selection of yarn.

Advanced Embroidery Techniques (Grades 8-12)
An outline and plan which include advanced embroidery techniques for youth who want to expand their embroidery skills. You will use the project outline to develop an individual project using advanced embroidery techniques. 

Knitting (Grades 4-12)
Youth can learn about knitting tools and yarns, knitting terms, and how to follow knitting directions. Learn to do basic knitting stitches and techniques and how to combine them to make various patterns and knitted articles. Learn how to care for knitted articles.

Latch Hooking (Grades 8-12)
Youth will learn to knot yarn to canvas to create a design or pattern while making a latch hook item.

Macrame (Grades 6-12)
Youth will learn about macrame materials and to make basic knots needed to make an item from a pattern of knots.

Needlepoint (Grades 4-12)
This project is an introduction to needlepoint. You will learn about materials, basic stitches, and techniques for needlepoint embroidery.

Quilting for Fun
Quilting is the process of sewing three layers together by hand or machine to form one. The objective of this project is to provide 4-Her's a chance to explore an art form that is re-emerging as a popular social activity that connects generations and encourages creativity.

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Home Environment

Extras for Your Room (Grades 3-6)
Youth will make simple furnishings or accessories to make the living spaces in your home pleasing and practical.

Design Decisions (Grades 7-12)
Design Decisions is a project that will take you step by step through the design process.

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Leisure Arts

Arranging Flowers (Grades 3-12)
Youth will learn basic principles of flower arrangement, care of fresh-cut flowers and arrangements; make a fresh floral corsage, how to use alternate flower materials, and much more.

Clay and Plaster (Ceramics) (Grades 4-12)
Youth will learn to make articles from clay and plaster for decorative or practical purposes. You can mold a lump of clay, work with a piece of pre-molded plasterware, and use paints, glazes or other finishes.

Glue Solution (Grades 5-10)
Youth will learn about glues and their properties, selecting a glue and glue safety.

Scrapbooking, Genealogy, and Family History (Grades 3-12)
This project is an introduction to create a scrapbook to record life's memories. Use the skills learned in this project to create a 4-H portfolio.

Models (Grades 3-12)
This project is an introduction to building models. Examples used in the publication are sailing ships but you can create any model with the instructions given. Skills learned in this project include following plans and written instructions as well as learning about the subject of the model (i.e. cars, airplanes, etc.).

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Money Management

(Grades 7-9)
Youth learn about needs and wants, money personalities and values, money management skills, including deciding whether to make a purchase, determining whether they can afford it, living within a spending plan, the benefits and drawbacks of credit, advertising influences, consumer decision making and how to select financial services.

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Interested in a project?
Contact your local extension office to enroll in the project. Some project books are available online and will be listed under "Resources & Links". Other project books and materials can be ordered through your local extension office.


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