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Undergraduate and Graduate Research Projects Guided

Igathinathane Cannayen

North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND, US

Some biomass preprocess engineering aspects of North Dakota biomass species - Manly Yu - Ph.D. Student - Research (ongoing) - Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Biochar Bench Scale Type Production Unit - Sandeep Loi and Nipurn Chetan Sharma - ABEN 487: Senior Design Project I & II - Lead Project Collaborator - Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering.

Mississippi State University, Mississippi, U.S.

  1. Simulation of Sieve Analysis of Ground Biomass by Machine Vision and Experimental Verification – Thrinadh Yalamanchili– Graduate student – Capsule project (2007)
  2. Image Processing for Biomass Size Distribution and Anatomical Components Identification* - ImageJ plugin development - Shireesha Methuku – Graduate student - Capsule project (2007)
  3. Surface Area Determination for Size Reduced Biomass Particles*  “Surface area of ground biomass” - Wei Lin, Ph.D. Student – Research course (2007)
  4. Rapid Cutting Energy Measurement using Digital Torque Wrench* - Drew Massey – Undergraduate student - Capsule project (2007)
  5. 3D Laser Scanning Methodology for Mass Properties of Biomass Materials** - Drew Massey – Graduate student – Capsule project (2009)

* Co Investigator – Dr. Lester Pordesimo
** Major Advisor – Dr. Jeremiah Davis

College of Agrl. Engineering, Bapatla, India

  1. Drying of Raw and Ripe Banana – Equipment and Product Development (1993-94)
  2. Study of Some Physical Properties of Food Grains* (1993-94)
  3. Mathematical Modeling of Single Layer Drying of Ripe and Raw Banana Slices (1994-95)
  4. Development of Multi-Nozzle Boom Attachment* (1994-95)
  5. Design and Development of High Capacity Multi-Crop Flexible Type Thresher (1995-96)
  6. Design and Testing of Multi-Nozzle Wheel Barrow Sprayer* (1995-96)
  7. Design and Development of Manually Operated Flexible Multi-Crop Grader for Fruits and Vegetables (1996-97)
  8. Design and Development of True Volume Measurement Device for Granular Materials (1997-98)
  9. On the Development of a Simple Viscosity Measurement Technique Using Standard Burette for Liquids (1997-98)
  10. Design, Development and Evaluation of Simplified Discharge Equation Weirs (1998-99)
  11. Development of Interactive Computer Software for the Design and Graphics of Farm Storage Structures (1998-99)
  12. Studies on Drying Characteristics, Mathematical Modeling and Thermo-Densification Process of Red Chillies (1999-00)
  13. On the Development of Photovoltaic Leaf Area Meter (2000-01)
  14. Visual Basic Software for the Determination of Leaf Area (2001-02)

* Joint guidance

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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