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Students applying for Fall 2015 or later will be evaluated using new requirements. 

Freshman Admission Requirements

Applications are evaluated on an individual basis. The university uses selective criteria in order to assure adequate preparation which will enable students to be successful in their academic pursuits. NDSU reviews the following criteria:

  1. High school grade point average
  2. Composite ACT score or SAT critical reading and math scores (converted for calculation)
  3. Core course completion (English, math, science and social sciences)
  4. Residency Status

 These factors are used in an admission formula.

(GPA x 20) + (ACT x 3) + (Core Courses x 5) + (10 residency points)

  • Use the unweighted GPA for grades 9-12 and a 4.0 scale.
  • Use the highest composite ACT score. SAT scores are converted for calculation. Contact the Office of Admission.
  • Core courses should include a minimum of the following: 4 years of English, 3 years of math (at algebra I and higher), 3 years of lab science, and 3 years of social science. The number of core courses that can be used in the calculation is capped at a total of 15.  
  • Applicants who are legal residents of North Dakota or who qualify for Minnesota reciprocity are awarded 10 residency points.

Students with a score of 210 or higher qualify for automatic admission. Students who do not score 210 will be considered for admission if other supporting factors show potential for success.

NDSU will accept the General Education Development (GED) certificate from applicants 19 or older. For students testing prior to 2002, an average of 45 and subject scores no lower than 40 are required. Students testing in 2002 or later must present an overall average score of 450 with no subject score lower than 410.

Freshman Admission Procedures

Incoming freshmen are encouraged to complete the application process between September and January for the following fall semester or by November for the following spring semester to ensure other applications and paperwork can be completed in a timely manner. The priority application deadline for fall semester is August 1.  The priority application deadline for spring semester is December 1. Please note it may take two to three weeks from the date all materials are received to make an admission decision. You can expect an admission decision by mail.

 To be considered for freshman admission, students must submit the following:

  1. A completed Application for Admission.
  2. The $35 non-refundable application fee. The fee can be paid at the time you apply online or paid online at a later date. An admission decision is not made until the fee is paid. The fee supports recruitment, admission and outreach activities and includes, but is not limited to, direct mail, publication printing, office supplies, computer software and other recruitment and admission expenses associated with the Office of Undergraduate Admission at NDSU.
  3. An official high school transcript. An in-progress transcript should be sent to make an admission decision. In order to be considered official, your transcript must be sent directly to the Office of Admission from your high school and signed and dated by a school official. NDSU does not accept faxed transcripts. A high school transcript with final grades and a graduation date is required upon completion of high school. The deadline to provide final transcripts is August 1.
  4. ACT or SAT scores (unless the applicant is 25 or older). The ACT writing test is not required.
  5. Official College Transcripts. Students taking course work at colleges or universities while enrolled in high must send official transcripts. To be considered official, the transcript must be sent directly to NDSU from the issuing institution. Transcripts can be sent at the completion of all college course work and are not necessary to make an initial admission decision. Students with substantial college course work (24 or more earned credits) may send official transcripts at the time of application for a preliminary evaluation. The deadline to provide final transcripts is August 1. NDSU honors suspensions from other institutions. Admission will be rescinded from students suspended from another institution, even for course work taken while enrolled in high school.

Safety & Security

For the safety and security of the NDSU community, all students making application to NDSU must answer safety and security questions on the application for admission. An affirmative response to any of these questions does not automatically prevent admission, but you will be asked to provide official criminal documentation before your application can move forward. A personal narrative explaining the nature of the offense(s) and the surrounding circumstances assists the committee in making decisions. Applications will not be reviewed until all admission and criminal record information has been received. All documentation must be received 30 days prior to the start of each term. Please contact the Director of Admission with questions you may have regarding this process.

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