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The Cadet Wing

The Cadet Wing is the term used for the organization of the cadet corps at each school. While referring to all of the cadets as a body, it also includes the structure set up within the wing to carry out the tasks that it will perform. Cadets are assigned jobs within the wing, most of which are held by Professional officer Corps (POC) cadets responsible for conducting the day-to-day training. There are also opportunities for General Military Cadets (GMC) cadets to hold positions within the wing.

The wing is headed up by the commander and vice commander, with the commander holding the rank of C/Col. Directly responsible to them are the Inspector General (IG) and General Military Course Advisor (GMCA), the former in charge of standardizing and publishing detachment policies and ensuring they are maintained, and the latter serving as an information resource for GMC cadets and a direct liaison between them and the commander, analogous to a First Sergeant in the active Air Force. Authority from the commander is distributed down to the group commanders, of whom there are usually three or four in each wing. Most important of these is the Operations Group Commander, who is chiefly responsible for planning LLAB sessions. The squadron commanders and flight commanders, through whom most of the training objectives are executed, report to him.

The other groups includes Mission Support and/or Medical, based on the individual structure of the wing. This is revised each semester according to the desire of the wing commander. The assignment of positions, and even the specific jobs, vary with this as well, but some are fairly constant. A physical fitness officer (PFO) plans and oversees the physical training program with two or three assistants. Others are the honor guard and drill team commanders; recruiting, education, mentorship, and activities officers; the Drill and Ceremonies (D&C) and Field Training Prep (FTP) officers; and the technology and internet officers. There may also be positions for a Civil Air Patrol Liaison depending on the setup of the wing. Some of these subordinate positions may be held by GMC cadets. However, all of the group commanders and their vices are POC cadets, who, with the addition of the IG and GMCA, constitute Wing Staff, which operates the entire wing subject to the authority of the cadre members.