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Physical Training

All cadets are required to participate in physical training sessions as preparation for taking the physical fitness test (PFT) each semester, which ensures that they meet Air Force fitness standards and serves as one of the performance benchmarks used in cadet evaluations. At least two sessions per week are required; five to seven are usually offered, at times in both the morning and afternoon to accommodate cadet's class schedules.

Each PT session begins with a set number of stretching exercises, followed by a program that is decided upon by the physical fitness officer (PFO) and varies between sessions. Generally, it may be expected to include formation or endurance runs, upper body or abdominal work, sprints, stairs, and occasionally ultimate Frisbee.

The PFT is taken towards the end of each semester and consists of four measurements of a cadet's fitness in determining the PFT score. These are pushups, crunches, a 1.5 mile run, and a waist measurement. The minimum passing standards for males are 33 pushups in one minute, 40 crunches in one minute, and completion of the run in 12:30 or less. For females, the requirements are 18 pushups, 35 crunches, and a time of 15:18. If competing for a scholarship, it is advisable to have a PFT score of 90 or better.

Eagle Wing I conducts its PT sessions at Bentson Bunker Gym/Wellness Center/Bison Sports Arena/Moorhead Olson Form Eagle Wing II holds its sessions either at the Armory or the Hyslop Sports Center.