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Recently we have started working on an alumni funded scholarship at AFROTC Detachment 610 to reward some of our hardest working cadets. We have many cadets who are striving to be the best students and cadets so that they will make great Air Force officers in the future. The detachment is providing them the best training to reach these goals but we would like to show our appreciation for them with more than just ribbons and praise.
We have recently started working with the UND Alumni Foundation on campus and have setup a scholarship account. This will be the first year that Det. 610 has an alumni scholarship but the idea isn’t new to AFROTC. Many detachments around the country call to their alumni for assistance in putting together scholarships for their cadets. This April we held our annual awards banquet and thanks to our generous alumni we were able to reach our goal of presenting one $500 scholarship to a deserving cadet and would like to make this scholarship presentation an annual event as well.
AFROTC scholarships are much harder to come by nowadays but the cadets we have at our detachment right now are better than ever. Many of them are doing everything they can to better themselves as cadets such as becoming members of our Arnold Air Society squadron, Roughneck Rifle Drill team, Honor Guard and participating in many community service efforts.