Joan Vorderbruggen
Assistant Professor of Architecture
Phone: 701-231-7025

Research and Interest:

My diverse design background (interior, graphic, and exhibit design, as well as architecture) through education and work experience has allowed me to teach design from the various perspectives of design expression. This coupled with degrees that focus on human development and experience have contributed to a strong focus on human- centered design in my courses. Working in a beginning design studio has been a wonderful place to instill in students the value of learning through the making of things. Co-authoring a paper pertaining to the making of artifacts related to a tea ceremony has strengthened my conviction of the importance of making and craft. I am also partnering on a book that is in progress on the Design Process, which will be used in our beginning design studios. Current research in Human/Nature connection, as well as human behavior/experience aspects in design contribute towards instilling a stronger understanding in the students of the intricate connection of the natural environment to health and well-being in architecture.

Educational Credentials:

Master of Architecture, University of Oregon, 2009
Graduate Studies towards Master of Architecture, Kansas State University, Spring 2005
Bachelor of Architecture, NDSU, 1999

Bachelor of Science - Environmental Design, NDSU, 1999
Bachelor of Science - Human Development and Education, NDSU, 1984
Associate Degree - Interior Design Technology, NDSU, 1984

Selected Publications and Recent Research:

"Making through Knowledge—Building, Intention and Creation: Interpreting the Japanese Tea Ceremony" (with Darryl Booker),
MADE: Design Education and the Art of Making, Proceedings (2010)
26th National Conference on the Beginning Design Student (2010), pp. 117-120
Process: Methods in Design Thinking and Doing, co-primary author with Darryl Booker


Minnesota License #45568

Professional Membership:

(AIA) The American Institute of Architects

Professional Honors:

Teacher of the Year Award, College of Engineering and Architecture. 2011 Apple Polisher Award for Teaching Excellence, Bison Ambassadors 2010

Courses Taught:

ARCH 271 Architectural Design Studio I
ARCH 272 Architectural Design Studio II
ARCH 341 Site Design for Architects
ARCH 728 Sociocultural Seminar
ARCH 772 Design Thesis
ARCH 789 Professional Topics

Teaching Experience:

Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University, 2009 to present
Adjunct Professor/Lecturer, North Dakota State University, 2008-2009
Graduate Teaching Fellow, University of Oregon, 2007-2008
Adjunct Professor/Lecturer, North Dakota State University, 2005-2007
Graduate Research Assistant, Kansas State University, Spring 2005