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LIVE REAL Mentor Program

"The LIVE REAL mentor program is an important piece in a process that is aimed at decreasing the high risk use of alcohol by our students which will ultimately lead to a reduction of the problems associated with high risk alcohol use and increase the success of our students in the classroom."

- Gene Taylor, Chair, President's Council on Alcohol & Other Drugs


Program Philosophy

NDSU is committed to creating a healthy, safe, and positive community for students. The LIVE REAL Mentor Program is designed to increase knowledge of the NDSU community about the effects of high risk alcohol and other drug use, how to appropriately refer students to prevention and treatment services, how to communicate consistent  messages that promote wellness and safety, and promote a culture of safe and responsible attitudes toward alcohol. NDSU themes “It’s About People” and “Students are Paramount” guide the philosophy of the program.

High risk drinking has been identified as the most serious public health problem facing U.S. colleges and their students. It has the potential to deter students’ academic success while attending NDSU as well as their success in obtaining and maintaining careers in their chosen fields after graduation.

Program Overview

The LIVE REAL Mentor Program fulfills objective 8.1 of the ‘President’s Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs, Strategic Plan to Address High Risk Alcohol and Other Drug Use.’ The program provides education and training for NDSU students, faculty and staff, who choose to identify themselves as a resource for students looking for  guidance for their issues with alcohol and other drug abuse and who will actively seek to educate students about the effects of high-risk alcohol and other drug use. The one hour curriculum will address the following:

  • Rates of use/misuse of alcohol and other drugs by NDSU students
  • Prevention strategies used to decrease high-risk alcohol and other drug use 
  • Recognition of signs/symptoms of alcohol and/or other drug misuse
  • Signs of alcohol poisoning and intervention strategies
  • Campus, city, and state laws related to alcohol and other drugs
  • Effective referral strategies for students or colleagues that exhibit alcohol or other drug abuse problems

For more information about the role of LIVE REAL Mentors, please visit the LIVE REAL Mentor Resources page.



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