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Phenological Observations

Phenology is the study of the timing of life cycle events in plants and animals. In other words, studying the environment to figure out how animals know when it is time to hibernate, and what calendar or clock plants use to begin flowering, leafing or reproducing.

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The Plant Ecology lab at NDSU is conducting a research study of local plant phenology and we need your help.  Our goal is to identify the first day of flowering for over 100 wild plant species in the Fargo-Moorhead area for the purposes of understanding phenological shifts in the local flora.

If you see any of the above in flower within a twenty mile radius of Fargo-Moorhead, please let us know by filling out an online form!  And dont forget to check back often for records of local phenological events!


The timing of bird migration is a very sensitive indicator of phenological change, especially here in the northern plains.


Record your bird observations here:


Most Wanted List (March)

Horned Lark

Rusty Blackbird


Tree Sparrow

Lapland Longspur




Slate Colored Junco

Marsh Hawk

Redwing Blackbird


Rough legged Hawk

Common Grackle

Mourning Dove

Sparrow Hawk (Kestrel)

Song Sparrow

Fox Sparrow

Brown Creeper

Loggerhead  Shrike (white-rumped)

Ruby crowned Kinglet




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