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Biennial Budget

At North Dakota State University (NDSU) the biennial budget process establishes the specific financial line item details and narrative statements supporting our portion of the total appropriated fund request (base plus incremental funding) which is set by the State Board of Higher Education (SBHE), for the North Dakota University System (NDUS) and its associated programs.  On the NDSU campus these programs include the Forest Service, the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute and the Agriculture Extension Services, Experiment Stations and Northern Crops Institute.

During the legislative session, which begins in January of the second year of the biennium, (six months before the start of the next biennium period and a new fiscal year), the entire State's proposed budget is analyzed, discussed, approved and appropriated for implementation.

All NDUS programmatic packages which are being considered for continued funding are included.  The primary items for review and approval every biennium include: Salary and non-salary expenditures (including Parity and Equity), Deferred Maintenance and Extraordinary Repair, as well as reviewing and reauthorizing Capital Building Projects that will still be active in the upcoming biennium.

New biennial issues of a very high priority for the NDUS are also included in the budget proposal.  Examples of new requests for legislative consideration and the awarding of base appropriated funds include: Emergency Preparedness & Security on Campuses, College Affordability and new Capital Building Projects (regardless of the proposed funding resources).

The biennial budget proposal is compiled through the State's Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and utilizes the Budget and Reporting System (BARS) software application to collect and aggregate data.  Once it is balanced to the SBHE's proposed, needs based, budget request, the package for the University System is then forwarded to the Governor for his review and executive recommendation to the Legislature.

Generally speaking, the process, start to finish, takes about 15 months, beginning in April, of the first year of the current biennium, and ending with the final State budget approval by the Legislature, which in most years is complete by June, in the second year of the current biennium.  The next biennial period will begin July 1, 2015 and go through June 30, 2017.

2013-2015 Biennial Budget Request

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