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Department of Sociology and Anthropology

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers courses and programs that focus on the study of human behavior in social settings. The department offers a major and minor in anthropology and sociology at the undergraduate level.


Anthropology is the study of the human condition and experience over both time and space. It sets itself apart from other social sciences in its holistic aspiration to understand all aspects of humankind: past, present and future; cultural and biological. This holistic approach is reflected in the primary subdisciplines of study including archaeology, cultural anthropology and sociolinguistics, physical anthropology, and applied anthropology. Anthropology is both the study and celebration of the diversity of human lifeways, reminding us that despite our different cultures, we are all members of the human family and share a common nature and a common destiny.

The primary concern across subdisciplines and geographical areas at NDSU is with human heritage—material and intangible, past, present and future. Our focal geographical areas include Latin/America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, North Africa, North America, Oceania/Polynesia, and Southern Europe with other areas of the world represented throughout the curriculum.



Sociology is the scientific study of social structure, social inequality, social change, and social interaction that comprise societies. The sociological perspective examines the broad social context in which people live. This context shapes our beliefs and attitudes and sets guidelines for what we do.

The curriculum is structured to introduce majors to the sociology discipline and provide them with conceptual and practical tools to understand social behavior and societies. Areas of study include small groups, populations, inequality, diversity, gender, social change, families, community development, organizations, medical sociology, aging, and the environment.

The 38-credit requirement includes the following core: ANTH 111, SOC 110, 340, 341, 422, and 489. (Note: An introductory statistics course is a prerequisite for SOC 340.) In addition to the 17 core credits, majors must complete four gateway courses (SOC 115 or 116, 202, 214, 233 and 235). The remaining nine credits are electives in sociology.


Community Development Minor

The Community Development minor is an applied, multidisciplinary minor. The purpose of the minor is to prepare students to integrate community development concepts into their own occupations; to recognize the relationships of social, economic, and development change on community viability and sustainability; and to take a more active role in the affairs of their own communities. The minor consists of 18 credits that includes coursework and an experiential component. Requirements include SOC 404 and 405 and a minimum of three credits in each of the following areas: economics, business, and social science.


General Information

The department offers a wide range of part-time and full-time internships. Placements may include fieldwork in business, community agencies, health care, and agencies throughout the region. Upon approval of the student’s application to the department and the sponsoring agency, students are placed in an environment in which both the applied and intellectual aspects of the professional experience are emphasized. The department also works with cooperative education and service learning activities to support experiential education. Interested students should contact the department chair or Career Center.

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