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Department of Management and Marketing

The Department of Management and Marketing offers majors in Business Administration, Management and Marketing. Students graduating with any of these majors find employment in a broad range of industries, as well as government and non-profit organizations.

Business Administration Major

The Business Administration major is designed to provide students with a broad background in all of the aspects of business. Business Administration might be an appropriate major for students who will work in smaller organizations or own their businesses which will require a broader understanding of business. Also, some organizations may seek generalists rather than specialists because they may be more adaptable in rapidly changing business environments. This major might also be appropriate for students intending to go on to graduate studies that would benefit from a broad understanding of business, e.g., law school.


Management Major

The Management major is designed to provide students with the analytical and conceptual background necessary for effective management of businesses and other organizations. Students develop expertise in the major sub-areas of organizational behavior, production and operations management, human resources, and strategy. Students with management majors find employment in all types of profit and non-profit organizations. Students pursuing a Management major may also choose the Human Resource Management track.

Human Resource Management Track

The Human Resource Management track provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively serve in a Human Resource Management position. Students obtain knowledge in the legal environment of employment, job analysis, recruitment and selection, performance appraisals, compensation, training and labor relations.


Marketing Major

The Marketing major is designed for students pursuing careers in one of the subfields of marketing, such as product management, retailing, marketing communication, sales and sales management, distribution, or marketing research. These positions may be as technical specialists or as general marketing managers.



Students majoring in Business Administration, Management, or Marketing are encouraged to complete a practicum experience while enrolled in the professional program. The practicum prepares students for challenges of the business world through practical experience in their primary area of study. Students must consult with their academic advisor and obtain approval prior to enrolling in the practicum. Credits will be applied as free electives in the major and do not satisfy any of the professional requirements listed on the curriculum guide.

Business Administration Minor

Majors outside the College of Business often select a minor in Business Administration. A minor in Business Administration requires a minimum of 24 credits. At least 12 credits in 300-400 level BUSN, FIN, MGMT, and MRKT courses must be completed at NDSU in the College of Business. Prior departmental approval is required for any 300-400 level course not completed at NDSU but used to satisfy the minor requirements.

Students must earn a 2.50 grade point average that is based on the courses used for the Business Administration minor. A minor approval form is required. This minor is not available to students with majors in the College of Business.


Agribusiness (Corporate Track) Minor

The Agribusiness minor with a corporate track is an alternate track to the Agribusiness minor in the Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics. The minor supplements a student’s technical training in agricultural sciences with an understanding of fundamental business concepts and applies business strategies to corporate agribusiness decision-making. The Agribusiness minor with a corporate track is restricted to students with a major in the College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources, excluding agricultural economics and agribusiness majors. See the Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources section for further information.


Logistics Management Minor

The College of Business participates in the interdisciplinary minor in Logistics Management. Companies and the public increasingly rely on an effective and efficient logistics system to remain competitive. See Interdisciplinary Programs section for further information.


Certificate in Professional Selling

The Certificate in Professional Selling develops student knowledge and competencies related to the sales profession, with particular emphasis on key interpersonal and selling skills. The program focuses on concepts and tools that are consistent with current professional practice.

Prospective students are subject to the university’s admission policies and procedures. Certificates must be declared within and approved by the College of Business. Declare your certificate by completing the Certificate in Professional Selling form online at: Please do so before or when taking MRKT 430: Sales and Personal Selling.


Graduate Program

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is available. See the Graduate Bulletin for further information.

Program Curriculum Guides:

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