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Why Choose MIS?

The Management Information Systems Program combines a strong business curriculum with the experience and technical skills needed to compete in today's information-based society.

It's about working with people to get them the information they need to do their jobs better/faster smarter. You will learn about business and technology but there's a major communication component, too – you have to be conversant in technology and business to understand at all levels what is needed and how you can solve problems by bridging the gap between IT and business.

The digital revolution is driving radical change to businesses. Those who understand how to use information technology to drive sustained competitive advantage are well–positioned for exciting and fruitful careers.


Why should I choose to major in MIS?

§  Job satisfaction
§  High placement rate
§  High salaries
§  Exciting field
§  Challenging field
§  Hands-on problem solving
§  Innovation and creativity
§  Global opportunities
§  Great chance for advancement
§  You can have an impact!


 What jobs do MIS graduates go into?

As you can probably already tell, MIS is an integrative field. MIS professionals are the "communication bridge" between business needs and technology. This means that you will have to understand how to figure out how things work, solve problems, find things out, communicate what you found, and learn a lot of new things on a regular basis. It's a dynamic field, and it takes dynamic people to do well in it. People who can think fast, work hard, and balance a lot of things should really think about MIS. Here's only a sample of the kinds of MIS jobs.

• Business Analyst 
• Business Application Developer 
• IT Consultant 
• Systems Analyst 
• IT Development Project Leader 
• Database Administrator 
• Business Intelligence Analyst 
• Systems Developer 
• Database Analyst 
• Web Developer
• Cyber Security Analyst 
• Technical Support Specialist 
• Information Systems Manager 
• IT User Liaison
• Network Administrator 

 View our list of employers who hire NDSU MIS graduates.


How long will MIS jobs be around?

Demand for workers in these occupations will be driven by the continuing need for businesses, government agencies, and other organizations to adopt and utilize the latest technologies. Workers in these occupations will be needed to develop software, increase cyber security, and update existing network infrastructure.

We invite you to visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website for job outlook details:


What kind of people pursue MIS?

There are a lot of different profiles, but there are some traits we've found make great MIS professionals. Do these describe you?  If so, then our MIS program is for you!

  • Are good problem solvers
  • Like to work with people 
  • Can think strategically about technology 
  • Like responsibility for developing and then implementing their ideas 
  • Can bridge both technology and business 
  • Can see both details and the big picture 
  • Are excellent communicators 
  • Can manage time and resources well





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