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What is the Internship Program?

NDSU Career Center defines an Internship as paid work experience related to students’ academic major or career goal and taken for academic credit.

What is the value of student internships?

Students who participate in internships apply the academic principles learned in classrooms to real-world situations.  Students also test potential careers.  While internships can provide related work experience, they also allow students to network with professionals, build their resume, and can give access to unique learning experiences.  Internships can lead to full-time employment with the company.   Student internships can help build relationships between the hiring company and the faculty member.

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What is the faculty member's role?

Internships are structured learning, and faculty members establish the learning objectives and evaluate the success of the internship.  The internship can be offered under the faculty member's academic program prefix, and the department receives credit for the offering.  The faculty member approves the work agreement between the employer and the student, can make site visits to evaluate the progress of the internship, and can initiate changes that help the student meet the learning objectives. 

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Why use the Internship program?

Students have participated in internships through specific program courses, through field experiences or practicum/internships, and through the Internship Program.  There is value to the students, employers, and faculty in having a common process through which almost all internships are arranged. The NDSU Internship Program provides the administrative support for establishing and tracking internships, and can provide the accountability needed by departments, colleges, and the North Dakota University System.

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How can faculty assist students in finding internships?

  • Some faculty/programs have established strong relationships with employers who regularly seek interns.  We would encourage continuation of those relationships, and request that the companies and students register their internships through the Internship Program.
  • Qualified students may find career-related jobs on their own and want to receive university credit for the experience.  Faculty should have the student contact the NDSU Career Center for registration and initiation of the approval process.
  • Suggest that qualified students review the listing of internships on the Career Center website, CAREERlink.

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How does an Internship affect student status?

By registering for 3 academic credits through the Internship Program (working 300 hours or more per semester), students retain full-time student status even if they are not taking any additional classes. During this time student loans do not come due.  This arrangement allows students to accept opportunities away from the Fargo/Moorhead area, and to focus full time on their learning experience.

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How does an Internship fit in a student's NDSU schedule?

Internships may be completed during any semester.  Options are available including:

  • Parallel:  Students work part time with a local employer and still take classes at NDSU
  • Alternating:  Students alternate between attending classes on campus full time for a semester and working full time on an Internship assignment for a semester
  • One Semester:  Students work at a an Internship assignment for one semester only
  • Consecutive:  Students work 2 or 3 semesters in a row

Depending on the academic program and requirements, if a student is required to complete a practical experience for their curriculum, the student should be admitted into the professional academic program prior to completing the internship experience. 

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Enrollment Requirements

  • Minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA prior to internship registration
  • Internship is directly related to the student's academic major and/or career goals
  • Duties are defined and at the professional or paraprofessional level
  • Students must be engaged in learning by actively participating in the work experience
  • Students must work on-site (working remotely is not allowed)
  • Students must be paid at least minimum wage
  • Students must be covered under employers' Worker’s Compensation insurance or comparable vocational training insurance

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How do students register for Internship credits?

  • An appointment is required to register.  Students can call the Career Center at 701-231-7111 to schedule an appointment.  Registration usually takes 15-20 minutes.
  • If students are not able to come to our location, they should contact the Internship Coordinator to receive registration instructions, paperwork, and other pertinent information. 
  • The student  will be instructed to contact their faculty advisor for approval.
  • The faculty member will review employer information, confer with the student, and establish learning objectives.
  • Students will be registered for course number 397 (undergraduate) or 795 (graduate). The prefix is UNIV unless the academic department prefers the prefix to be program specific.  The department should notify the Internship Coordinator of this preference.

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How many credits will students earn?

Credits are earned based on the number of hours worked per semester. 

  • 100-199 hours per semester = 1 credit
  • 200-299 hours per semester = 2 credits
  • 300 + hours per semester = 3 credits

3 credits is the maximum credits a student will be registered for each semester.

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What is the cost?

  • Cost per credit is always the same as ND resident tuition plus university fees.  There are no additional continuing education fees.
  • Payment for credits is the responsibility of the student, unless covered by the employer or a third party.
  • A growing number of employers are making the investment in NDSU students by paying the cost of the Internship Program credits.

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What is the registration deadline?

Because learning can begin at any point during the semester, the last day to register a student is the last day of scheduled classes in the given semester.  Registration for upcoming semesters can be made, but no credits will be registered for past semesters.

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How is an Internship graded?

  • Undergraduate students receive Pass/Fail grades, and graduate students receive Satisfactory / Fail grades.

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Can waivers be applied to Internship Program credits?

No.  Because Internship Program credits are considered continuing education, no waivers are applied.

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What is Online Internship Verification?

Beginning summer 2015, The NDSU Career Center is starting to move the internship registration process online.

Faculty advisors may receive an email from the internship coordinator with a link to approve/reject internship registration. You will not need to log into CAREERlink to complete this process.

If you have questions or concerns about this process, contact Sara Van de Streek, Internship Coordinator at 701.231.7237.

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