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Networking letter:
Not to be confused with a cover letter, a networking letter is one asking for an informational interview – not job interviews.  A resume generally is not sent with a networking letter (but do take a resume if granted an interview). The purpose of an information interview is to gain information on a chosen career and to network with professionals in the field. 

Thank you letter:  This letter should be brief and express your appreciation for the interview and incorporate key points that were discussed during the interview.  It is also an opportunity to reiterate your continued interest in the possibility of employment, and indicate your desire that your candidacy will receive favorable consideration.  This type of letter displays common business courtesy and should be mailed as soon as possible.  This is the only document that can be hand written on a card- nothing busy or cute!

Letter Seeking Additional Information:  This type of letter may be written anytime.  Most often it is written after a job offer is received and you need more information in order to make your decision.  In writing this letter, always reinforce your interest in the opportunity and express your appreciation for the offer of employment.

Letter Inquiring About Status:  After a reasonable period of time if you have not heard from the employer, you may inquire about the status of your application.  Recap the history of your application, indicating dates of correspondence and actual interview(s). Be certain to express your continued interest in employment with this employer, and express your appreciation for the employer’s cooperation. If you have other offers pending, it may be advisable to bring this topic to the attention of the recruiter.

Acceptance Letter:  An acceptance letter is the most exciting letter of all to write!  The purpose is to confirm employment and should include the agreed upon salary, start date and time and benefits offered.  Thank the employer for offering you the job and reinforce their decision in hiring you. 

Rejection/Withdrawal Letter:  The key to this letter is to make certain you don’t burn any bridges.  Sometime in the future you many want to contact this employer about employment opportunities.  Therefore, always be positive in rejecting the offer.  If appropriate, inform the employer where you will be going to work or, if you are going to graduate school, where you have enrolled.  You need not indicate why you accepted the other position or the salary you accepted.  However, always express your appreciation for the offer and the interest and confidence the employer showed in making an offer to you.

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