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Our mission:

Our writing consultants seek to help any graduate student on campus grow as a writer by engaging in constructive dialogue about the writing process, expectations, and conventions.

Our trained writing consultants provide writing assistance by:

  • Listening to your goals and writing concerns
  • Discussing your writing process, as well as the context and audience for your writing
  • Helping you to identify areas in your writing that need work
  • Suggesting strategies to improve the clarity and correctness of your writing
  • Addressing questions about editing, format, and citations

Our consultants can help as you:

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Determine the needs of a specific audience
  • Focus, organize, and develop your writing
  • Develop an appropriate voice
  • Document sources
  • Apply grammar and punctuation guidelines

A Word About Grammar & Sentence-Level Correctness

Our mission is to help students develop into better writers. Therefore, spelling, grammar, and punctuation are treated as follows:

Our consultants will help you to: 1) identify errors you make consistently, and 2) learn how to avoid them in the future. The ultimate goal in to equip you to become your own best editor.

Role of Writer (Student):

As the writer, you initiate and control your writing projects. You should:

  • Determine your objectives for the writing
  • Clarify your audience‚Äôs expectations (e.g., have guidelines from faculty, models of successful writing, feedback on drafts)
  • Understand the content of your writing
  • Investigate formats, conventions, and citation styles of your discipline

Role of Faculty:

Your advisors or instructors should provide key guidance in major academic papers. They should:

  • Suggest topics and research questions
  • Suggest relevant sources
  • Help you to analyze and evaluate sources
  • Help you to plan the research process/project
  • Supervise your research process
  • Provide an understanding of expectations and conventions in your discipline
  • Suggest revisions for focus, organization, development, accuracy, and clarity

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