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Meet the Undergraduate Consultants

Undergraduate peer consultants are trained to (1) assist students at all stages of the writing process and (2) discuss various types of writing in the courses at NDSU.  In addition, each consultant has specialty areas, as explained below.



Brittany G.

Major: Print Journalism
Minors: Public Relations and Advertising
Special Interests: Revising for grammar, Revising for APA format, Dept. of Communication papers, English Language Learners papers

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Callie B.

Major: English Education
Special Interests: Brainstorming, Development of ideas, Dept. of English papers

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Emily K.

Major: Public Relations
Minor: History
Special Interests: First draft through final draft, Dept. of English papers, Personal statements, Applications for graduate school

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Emily S.

Major: Landscape Architecture
Minor: Spanish, Business
Special Interests: Prewriting, Organizing, Rhetorical analyses

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Hailey C.

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Jack D.

Major: Journalism
Special Interests: Prewriting, Final revisions, Dept. of English papers, Dept. of Communication papers

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Jaime J.

Majors: English Education, Family and Consumer Science Education
Special Interests: Drafting, Revising, Final drafts, Dept. of English 110 and 120 papers, Literary analyses, Personal statements, Resumes, Cover letters, AP style

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Jen U.

Major: Architecture
Special Interests: Final draft or near final draft, APA style, Resumes, Cover letters, Dept. of Architecture papers, Dept. of Landscape Architecture papers, Environmental Design papers, Creative writing

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Jesse W.

Major: English
Minors: Journalism, Philosophy
Special Interests: First drafts, Literary analyses, Philosophy papers, Creative writing, MLA format, AP format

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Margo W.

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Matt K.

Major: Psychology
Minor: Sociology
Special Interests: Early drafts, Idea formation, Making sure writing does what writer intends, Rhetorical analyses, Commentaries, Dept. of Psychology papers, Dept. of Sociology papers, Resumes, Cover letters, Statements of purpose, APA style and format

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Mercedes L.

Majors: Women and Gender Studies, English
Minors: Crop and Weed Sciences, Management Communication
Special Interests: Lab reports, Resumes, Cover letters, Essays

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Paige A.

Major: Agricultural Economics
Minors: Agricultural Communications, Public Relations and Advertising
Special Interests: Rhetorical analyses, Resumes, Introductory course papers

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Paige H.

Major: English Education
Special Interests: Narratives, Rhetorical analyses, Literary analyses, Dept. of Communcation 110 speeches, Personal statements

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Rosie H.

Major: University Studies
Special Interests: Brainstorming, Revising, Rhetorical analyses, Commentaries, Profiles, MLA style

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Tyler R.

Major: English
Special Interests: Brainstorming, Dept. of History papers, Dept. of Communication papers, Dept. of English papers

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Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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