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Dr. Kevin Thompson
Office:  CJPP 110
Phone:  701-231-8938
Fax:  701-231-5877
Curriculum Vitae


Office Hours: 

Monday:  8:30a - 10:00a

Courses Taught: 

CJ 406/606 Crime and Delinquency
CJ 407/607 Deviant Behavior
CJ 408/608 Criminology
CJ 721 Individual Theories of Crime
CJ 752 Criminogenic Commodities 


Dr. Kevin Thompson is Professor of Criminal Justice. He commenced his position at NDSU in 1989. Dr. Thompson’s research focuses mainly on adolescent behavior disturbances.   He also has a focus on high risk college drinking.  Some of his current research projects include: 1) the impact of detention on juvenile recidivism; 2) the impact of drug courts on recidivism rates; and 3) the effect of risky drinking on college student populations. He has published numerous journal articles which have appeared in the American Journal of Sociology, Social Problems, Deviant Behavior, Criminal Justice & Behavior, Child Abuse & Neglect, The Journal of Interpersonal Violence, and the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. Dr. Thompson has served on numerous boards and task forces addressing issues related to at-risk youth.  Dr. Thompson also serves as the Criminal Justice Club Advisor.


Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1986
M.S., University of North Dakota, 1982
B.S., University of Minnesota-Duluth, 1978


Dr. Thomas McDonald
Office:  CJPP 111
Phone:  701-231-8659
Fax:  701-231-5877
Curriculum Vitae


Office Hours:

Tuesday:  02:00p - 03:00p or by appointment

Courses Taught: 

CJ 201 Introduction to Criminal Justice 
CJ 210 Introduction to Policing
CJ 460/660 Criminalization 
CJ 461/661 Corrections 

Dr. Thomas D. McDonald has been a member of the North Dakota State University faculty since 1971. His primary teaching responsibilities are introductory criminal justice, criminalization, and corrections. Dr. McDonald's research interests include deviance, criminal justice, evaluation research and regional studies. 


Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, 1972
M.A., University of Maine, 1967
A.B., Suffolk University, 1965



Dr. Carol Archbold
Associate Professor/Graduate Coordinator
Office:  CJPP 118
Phone:  701-231-5697
Fax:  701-231-5877
Curriculum Vitae


Oil Patch Study Report 


Office Hours:


Courses Taught:

CJ 210 Intro to Policing 
CJ/POLS 325 Applied Research Methods 
CJ 465 Women & Minorities in Criminal Justice
CJ 755 Administrative Policing 
CJ 757 Community Policing 


Carol A. Archbold is an Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Criminal Justice and Political Science at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND. She has been at NDSU since 2005. She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses focused on policing, gender and race issues in the criminal justice system, and research methods.  Her research interests include women in policing, police liability and accountability, and race and gender in the criminal justice system. 

Dr. Archbold was awarded the 2013 Chamber of Commerce NDSU Distinguished Faculty Service Award and the 2011 Outstanding Research/Creative Activity Award for the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences.  She was also appointed to the Editorial Boards for the journal, Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management and the Journal of Criminal Justice Education in 2011.

Dr. Archbold has published her research in a variety of peer-reviewed journals including:  Police Quarterly, Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management, Journal of Criminal Justice and the Journal of Crime and Justice.  She conducted the first study on the use of risk management by police agencies in the United States.  This study is featured in her book Police Accountability, Risk Management and Legal Advising (LFB Scholarly Publishing, New York, NY, 2004).   In 2011, Dr. Archbold co-authored the book Women and Policing in America: Classic and Contemporary Readings with Dr. Dorothy Schulz and Dr. Kimberly Hassell (Aspen Publishing).  in 2012, Dr. Archbold authored the text Policing: A Text/Reader (Sage Publications).  The second edition of the book, The New World of Police Accountability (with Samuel Walker) will be in print in the Fall 2013.  This book is published by Sage Publications.

Her current research projects include an examination of the impact of the oil boom and the police in western North Dakota, as well as a national study of police misconduct.


Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Omaha, 2002 
M.A., University of North Dakota, 1997 
B.A., University of North Dakota, 1995 



Dr. Amy J. Stichman
Assistant Professor of Practice
Office:  CJPP 109
Phone:  701-231-8937
Fax:  701-231-5877
Curriculum Vitae

Office Hours: 

Tuesday:  02:00p - 03:30p
Thursday:  02:00p - 03:30p

Courses Taught:

Marquette University: 

Criminology Theory 
Ultimate Penalties in the Criminal Justice System 
Methods of Criminological Research 
Introduction to Criminology Corrections: Prisons, Probation, and Parole 
The Politics of Criminal Justice 

  • Corrections, Institutional Life, Inmate & Correctional Officer Attitude, Treatment Program Evaluation 



Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, 2003 
M.S., University of Cincinnati, 1993 
B.C.J, New Mexico Sate University, 1991 





Dr. Steven Briggs
Assistant Professor
Office:  CJPP 108
Phone:  701-231-9540
Fax:  701-231-5877

Curriculum Vitae

Office Hours: 

Monday and Wednesday:  9:30a - 10:30a

Courses Taught: 

Introduction to Policing
Women and Minorities in the Criminal Justice System

Dr. Briggs joined the faculty of NDSU in 2013.  His research interests center on the social ecology of crime, police discretion, and police effectiveness.  He has published articles in the American Journal of Criminal Justice, Police Practice & Research: An International Journal, Criminal Justice Studies: A Critical Journal of Crime, Law, and Society, and the Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice.


Ph.D., University of Nebraska at Omaha, 2007
M.A., University of Nebraska at Omaha, 2003
B.A., University of North Dakota, 2001












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