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Rachel Jordan, Lecturer - Fall Semesters - CJ 226:  Crime Investigation

Rachel Jordan began her career with the Fargo Police Department in 2005.  She is a graduate of the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.  Rachel has also earned a Master of Science degree in Forensic Science with an emphasis in major crime scene investigation.  During her studies, Rachel has also received professional certification in Forensic Computer Investigation and Peace Officer Training.

Rachel was selected to become a member of the School Resource Officer team in 2007.  Prior to the selection, she was assigned to the Field Services Division on the evening shift.  She was last assigned to Carsl Ben Eielson Middle School.  Carl Ben Eielson Middle School is comprised of approximately 770 students in grades 6-8.  At Carl Ben Eielson, she presented a wide variety of topics including:  Bullying Prevention, Cyber Bullying Awareness, Alcohol Abuse, 4th Amendment-Search and Seizure, Bike Safety, Know Your Body, LIDAR Usage, and Gang Prevention.

Rachel has received some specialized training including:  Forensic Interview and Interrogation, Domestic Violence Training, "Drugs, Music, and the Internet", Bernie James' School Law Update, Science Based Drug Education, NASRO Basic and Advanced, NASRO Interview and Interrogation, and NASRO Active Shooter.  She recently received certification as one of the department's members of the Crisis Intervention Team trained to adequately serve individuals with mental illness.

In addition to her SRO responsibilities, Officer Jordan participated in other activities to benefit the department and the community.  She was part of the curriculum writing team for the "Know Your Body" program and was a part of the "Safe Routes to School" training program.  She also participated in the development and planning of a new initiative to form a youth-led commission called I.C.Y. (Integenerational Commission on Youth).   She was also an Intern Mentor and former Juvenile Drug Court Mentor and was the SRO representative on the Chief's Advisory Committee.  She has also authored the National Award winning portfolio that earned the Fargo SRO team the title of "National Model SRO Program".  Rachel was also named Fargo Police Officer of the Year in 2011.

Rachel is a part-time lecturer for North Dakota State University in the Criminal Justice and Political Science Department.  She teaches the CJ 226 - Criminal Investigations course.  The course focuses on all aspects of criminal investigations from start to finish.  She strives to give the students "real-life" examples of how each step of an investigation can either make or break the case.  A heavy emphasis is placed on the forensic sciences and death investigation.  Rachel is currently taking classes working towards a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice with a Policing emphasis. 

Dan Pemstein attends the "Launching V-Dem Data Conference" in Gothenburg, Sweden

Dan Pemstein (Assistant Professor of Political Science in the Department of Criminal Justice and Political Science) recently traveled to Gothenburg, Sweden to attend the "Launching V-Dem Data Conference" where, in his role as V-Dem project manager for measurement methods, he took part in a presentation that introduced the project to representatives from a host of international development agencies.  V-Dem ( is a collaboration between over 50 scholars from across the world to collect cross-national and historical data on 329 indicators of democracy.  The resulting database, which represents one of the largest ever social science data collection programs, will be openly available upon completion in 2015.  The project, which recently obtained a $5.8 million grant from the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences, is also funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sweden, the European Commission/EuroAID, the Swedish Research Council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Denmark, the Danish Research Council, the Canadian International Development Agency, NORAD/the Norwegian Research Council, and the Quality of Government Institute.  Photos from the conference are available at the following link:



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