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CMS site setup request

Please complete this form to take the first step in creation of a CMS Web site.

Please note that all values submitted with this form are considered "requests."  Some values may not be available due to technical or procedural limitations.  You will be notified in the event that your request must be altered.

If you have questions about this form, please contact the IT Help Desk.

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No sites will be created for student or faculty clubs/organizations that do not service the university and its mission. These groups may partner with their department's Web site instead by contacting their department Web master. CMS site list

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What will the new site Web address be?

  • The word organization should be substituted with your actual organization name/identifier
  • The organization identifier should contain letters, numbers and underscores (_) only
  • The organization identifier may be up to 24 characters long. If it is longer, it will be cropped to fit within 24 characters
  • For NDSU sites, the URL will always begin with ""
  • Personal staff/faculty sites will automatically have URLs like

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If you check "Go live immediately," the site will replace the named "Old site URL" and become available at the requested URL at the same time as it is created.

Go live

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Are you requesting this page to replace an existing page on another server? If so, what is its Web address?

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Please provide the name of your organization as it should be presented on the Web page.

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Should this page be added to an existing workspace in CMS? If so, please provide the workspace name. A workspace name will contain the word "_draft." You should choose this option if you want to have more than one page owned/managed/authored by the same people. More about workspaces. This option is not applicable/available for individual staff/faculty sites.

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Please provide contact information for the primary manager of the page. This person will be accountable for the page in CMS and must be a staff/faculty member. This person does not need to be an individual who will contribute page content.

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Optionally, provide a secondary manager to perform day-to-day operations of the page, such as approving accounts. Managers can add this later using the CMS interface.

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When changes are made, reviewers/publishers may receive e-mail notifications. These notifications can be sent when an author requests review/publish, every time an element status changes, or not at all. This option is useful if you will have only one or few publishers but many authors for the page.

E-mail notices

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The news application facilitates news management by allowing authors to enter articles that can auto-archive and automatically rotate display on your home (or news page) and serve an RSS feed. ITS uses news on its home page for news and for outages.

Do you want to use the news application?

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