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FORWARD (Focus on Resources for Women's Advancement, Recruitment/Retention, & Development) - FORWARD is funded by a $3.7 million Advance Program grant to NDSU from the National Science Foundation (HRD-0811239, September 1, 2008 – August 31, 2013, R.C. Schnell, PI). FORWARD is committed to these goals:

  • Improve the climate across the campus and narrow the gap between men's and women's perceptions of the campus climate;
  • Employ targeted recruiting strategies to recruit women faculty;
  • Retain more women faculty through their probationary period and the promotion/tenure process;
  • Support women associate professors as they move to full professor, and hire advanced rank women to build a critical mass; and
  • Promote and hire women faculty into academic leadership positions.

GraSUS Logo

GraSUS GK-12 Project - GraSUS is funded by a $2 million renewal grant to NDSU from the National Science Foundation (DGE-0338128, June 1, 2004 — May 31, 2009, Dogan Çömez, PI). "GraSUS" is the graduate student-university-school collaborative for science, engineering, and technology: a program which sends talented NDSU graduate/undergraduate students into Grades 6-12 science and mathematics classrooms to collaborate with teachers on innovative curriculum development. The current project represents a renewal of the initial GraSUS project (NSF DGE 0086445, $971,555). GraSUS is administratively supported in the CSME.

Robert Noyce Scholarship Program - The Robert Noyce Scholarship program is funded by a $746,000 grant to NDSU from the National Science Foundation (DUE-0883268, January 1, 2009 — December 31, 2013, Lisa Montplaisir, PI). The Noyce Scholarship Program recruits talented science, technology, engineering, and mathematics students to complete a dual major in their content area and teacher certification to work specifically in high needs schools. The Noyce program is administratively supported in the CSME.

Pipeline for Excellent Rural Teaching - The PERT program is funded by a $1.4 million grant to NDSU from the National Science Foundation (DUE-1136406, January 1, 2012 — December 31, 2018, Erika Offerdahl, PI). As another project funded through the Robert Noyce Scholarship Program, the goal of PERT is to extend and secure a pipeline to increase the quality and quantity of master-level, highly trained secondary math and science teachers in the rural upper Midwest.  

IMD Logo

Instructional Materials Development - IMD (Instructional Materials for Teaching Science through Virtual Environments) is a $727,282, 3-year, National Science Foundation project centered on two immersive virtual environments— Geology Explorer (where students land on a foreign planet to identify rocks and minerals, and build models of geologic structure) and On-a-Slant (a virtual reconstruction of a Native American earth lodge village that students explore while learning archeology and anthropology). The project is to design standards-based curriculum supplementing each IVE for both middle school and high school science/social science classrooms; embed scaffolding, intelligent software tutor capabilities, and assessment tools; and develop a series of online workshops designed to train secondary teachers on the IVE software. CSME Associate Director, Lisa Daniels, is PI for the project, which is administered through the CSME.


North Dakota INBRE- North Dakota INBRE (IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence) is a $16 million, 5-year, National Institutes of Health (NIH) program aimed at making the state more competitive in attracting federal funds for biomedical research. Health and the environment will be the focus of research conducted under the North Dakota IDeA Networks for Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) program. Half of the budget will be used to support research projects at predominantly undergraduate institutions in the state. The statewide network will be administered by the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences in collaboration with North Dakota State University. CSME Director, Donald Schwert, is Program Coordinator for North Dakota INBRE, and the NDSU subcontract is administered through the CSME.


World Wide Web Instructional Committee - Collectively, ≈$ 4 million in projects are administered in the CSME on behalf of NDSU faculty who are developing and assessing internet-based educational software. Current projects are funded by grants to NDSU from the National Science Foundation and by the U.S. Department of Education (FIPSE).

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