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Human Communication

COMM 114

Class #4171




Instructor: Denise Kaye

Grading: Graded

Sunday, August 24, 2014 - Friday, December 19, 2014

Location: NDSU Online

Available Seats: 10 of 30

Academic Level: Undergraduate

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Course Description:

Overview of communication theory with emphasis on information transmission and social influence functions of communication behavior in personal and mediated contexts. Speech communication majors must earn a grade of B or better.


What students say:

Having taken Comm 114 (Human Communication) at NDSU from a very accomplished and qualified instructor, I do endorse the experience.  The course, the learning experience, and everything else involving the academic aspect were all on-point, and were quite lenient. I submitted most of my assignments within the first few days of a 10+ day deadline, and received stellar marks for comprehension and content. Even so, I feel as though I was more involved in the learning as it was the classic 'read and learn on your own' style, as the class goes at each student's own pace for the most part.  Successful and enriching experience.
Cale - Fargo, ND

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