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Practical Problem-Solving Skills in the Workplace




Instructor: N/A

Grading: NA

Instruction Mode: Internet-Asynchronous

Academic Level: Non-Credit

NDSU DCE Recording Fee: $139

Course Description:

This course provides an overview of the principles of problem-solving techniques, introducing the learner to the importance of a practical problem solver in business and indicating how the learner can adapt and apply techniques from this course to become a practical problem solver. Learners define the evolution of the global business market, identify work-related problems, recognize how to gather information related to solving problems, and identify how to organize and manage projects. Learners also examine real-life successful problem solvers as well as how to ask the right questions to find a solution for a project. Finally, learners gain an understanding of how to recognize when a work plan is needed and how to identify the goals of managing a project.

Course Objectives:
• Explain the different characteristics of a successful problem solver
• Describe how to identify work-related problems
• Use the critical Qs to gather information about your problem
• Describe how to use a work plan to monitor project management

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