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Punishment and the Death Penalty

CJ 225

Class #5567




Instructor: McKenzie Wood

Grading: Internet-Asynchronous

Monday, August 26, 2013 - Friday, October 18, 2013

Location: Undergraduate, ,

Available Seats: -60 of 0

Academic Level: Graded

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Course Description:

Review of philosophical principles, policies, and procedures of punishment as used in the death penalty practices of the U.S.


What students say:

DCE classes are simple straightforward and are the epitome of convenience. From all of my experience with these classes, the professor has provided plentiful contact and I have never felt left in the dark. As long as the assigned work gets done (which may be the only difficulty as compared to campus classes) the courses are simple, the exams are easy, and you will really learn a lot. Most of these DCE classes include a discussion component that requires you to utilize a discussion board to push student to student interaction and free thought on the subject, even as I find this tedious and unnecessary, I can see the importance in expanding what you have learned through this process while simultaneously gaining interaction in an otherwise peerless setting.
- Cody, Fargo, ND

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