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Refocus, Rejuvenate, Re-Energize: Creating a Balanced Life for Educators (P-12)

EDUC 600

This uplifting, experiential 3-credit continuing education graduate course is designed for K-12 administrators/teachers.  Based on current literature from the fields of education, leadership, management, personal change and human resources, this course will assist participants in rediscovering their initial career bliss and harnessing those reasons that initially inspired them to choose a career in the field of education.  The course will also infuse their professional lifestyle along with a look at balancing it with their personal lives.  The course is also designed to provide practicing educators as well as others in the field of education with the opportunity to examine where they are in their profession while making a concerted effort to balance both their personal and professional lives.  Participants will identify past positive experiences as well as their present needs as an educator.  They will also recollect past accomplishments and learn practical strategies to keep those accomplishments “on the forefront” to help them stay rejuvenated.  Upon completion of a review of current research, review and reflection activities, participants will also write a personal and professional life mission statement which will then be used for part of their rejuvenation Plan of Action. Lots of ideas materials, activities and strategies will be shared, analyzed and evaluated.

Goals and Objectives:

As result of participation in this course, participants will know and understand:

  1. The issues in education that may cause educators to “burn-out” and possibly be ineffective with their  students.
  2. That rejuvenating their own spirit is critical to effectively educating youth on a year-to-year basis.
  3. How to accept praise and give it to their colleagues on a regular basis.
  4. How to appreciate the powerful impact teachers/administrators have in the lives of children.
  5. The major components that leading researchers have found on what it takes to both maintain positive energy and to rejuvenate themselves.
  6. How to manage time so that participants can live a BALANCED lifestyle.
  7. The effects of humor and laughter on their lives and its role in their rejuvenation plan.
  8. How to develop a Plan of Action to begin searching daily for meaningful classroom activities.
  9. How to evaluate personal attitudes and learn how powerful/destructive each can be to yourself and others.
  10. What makes adults resilient so they can “bounce back” when times become difficult both personally and professionally.
  11. The research on developmental assets and determine what they can do to increase the opportunities in their students’ lives to be more happy, healthy and successful.
  12. The practice of feeling satisfied with their very powerful job.
  13. Specific techniques and strategies for self-care.
  14. pecific strategies on how to assist in the rejuvenation of other fellow educators.
  15. How to write a personal perspective statement for their life that reflects upon balancing their personal and family lives with their careers.
  16. How to rejuvenate their mind, relationships, and their spirit while they begin to put their life perspective mission statement into action on a daily basis.

Required Texts:

Tubesing, D., & Tubesing, N.L. (1991). Seeking your healthy balance: A do-it-yourself guide to whole person well-being. Mustang, OK: Tate Publishing.