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Reaching Diverse Learners: Advice for Teacher from HS Students

EDUC 600

In this 3-graduate credit professional development seminar, educators will reflectively examine the insights of high school students on how to teach them most effectively. Whether in urban, suburban or rural locales, the nation’s high schools are becoming increasingly diverse. Recent immigrant students, whose first language is not English, share classroom space with their US- born counterparts from different cultural backgrounds. Although, a supportive classroom environment has a positive effect on all learners, and even a greater effect on students from minority groups, teachers are not always well-prepared to reach students with backgrounds different from their own. The purpose of this course is to heighten educators’ awareness of the need to foster resilience and a growth mind-set in diverse learners as a means of preparing them for college and career readiness, and life success. Through individual and collaborative reflection on educative readings and videos, and the development of a plan of action for reaching diverse students, course participants will hone useful strategies for proactively engaging diverse student populations in learning.


The educator will

  1. Reflectively respond to articles on Mind-sets and Equitable Education, and Resilience and Learning.
  2. Engage in individual and collaborative reflection on evidence-based techniques for:
  • Knowing students well
  • Establishing respect and trust between teacher and student
  • Maintaining an orderly and purposeful classroom
  • Creating a culture of success for diverse learners
  • Motivating students to learn
  • Teaching difficult academic material to diverse learners
  • Teaching English language learners
  • Regrouping “When things go wrong”
  • Making learning connections with the world outside school.
  1. Reflectively respond to teaching videos showcasing strategies for supporting student success.
  2. Develop a plan of action for reaching diverse learners.

Required Text:

Cushman, K. (2003). Fires in the bathroom: Advice for teachers from high school students. New York, NY: The New Press. ISBN 978-1-56584-996-9