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Flipping the Classroom

EDUC 600

Flipping the Classroom is a course where the teacher learns to deliver the instruction online outside of the classroom and move homework into the classroom.  This method of delivery instruction allows the teacher to interact with the students as they complete their “homework” and provide the one-on-one attention needed for success.  The delivery of information is done outside of the classroom via teacher created videos and other digital resources.


Upon completion of this course the student will:

  • Understand the elements of a Flipped classroom
  • Understand the Pros and Cons of a Flipped Classroom
  • Design a digital classroom


During this course participants will:

  • Learn the elements of a flipped classroom by reviewing: http://www.flippedclassroom.com/index.phphttp://flippedlearning.org//Domain/4, http://www.uwosh.edu/stemlab/flipped-classroom/creating-a-flipped-classroom, and additional resources you find on your own.   Reflect your learning’s in a two page paper; double spaced, size 12 font.  Cite additional resources.  Use the attached rubric.
  • Know what resources are needed to create a flipped classroom.  Consider the following:  How am I going to record my lessons?  What if my students do not have internet at home?  How am I going to deliver the content?  Use the same resources as above and find additional resources on your own.  Detail how you are going to create a flipped classroom in a two page paper; double spaced, size 12 font.  Cite additional resources.  Use the attached rubric.
  • Develop a flipped classroom lesson from one that you currently use.  Post the videos and any other resources needed and provide the link.  Detail the “homework” that your students are assigned during class.  Create a one page document with the link and the homework.
  • Create a Flipped Classroom guide for your parents and students.  This guide is one page in length and details the responsible use of a flipped classroom.