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Leadership: Educators Working Together

EDUC 600

This 3-credit continuing education graduate course is designed to give an understanding of the theoretical base with underlying principles and concepts with an emphasis on classroom climate and critical thinking.  Effective school leadership results in improved P-12 student performance.  School leadership thrives when it is shared by administrators, support staff and classroom teachers.  Participants in this course will learn how administrators, support staff and classroom teachers can all play a positive role in school leadership to improve P-12 student learning  to the end that everyone can make an important impact on student achievement.  Activities to foster high-level communication and encourage educators to become leaders will be incorporated. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore the qualities of effective leaders.


As result of participation in this course, students will know and understand:

  1. The theoretical base with underlying principles and concept.  
  2. The connection between positive school leadership and P-12 student achievement. 
  3. The need for shared leadership.  
  4. How to apply leadership contexts to counseling and support staff programs. 
  5. The importance of incorporating classroom teachers as leaders. 
  6. The characteristics of effective leaders. 
  7. Specific strategies for incorporating models learned into the school and classroom. 

Required Text:

      Reeves, D. B. (2006).  The learning leader. Arlington, Virginia: ASCD.