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Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

EDUC 600

We can find information quickly, but can we deal with it? Can we interpret, analyze, think it through critically and then use that information for problem solving and decision-making? This course will provide information, activities, and understanding that will help teachers implement critical thinking skills into everyday lessons.


As a result of participation in this course students should:

  1. Learn how to teach critical thinking skills through the use of activities, games, analyzing readings, lectures and stimulating the questioning of information.
  2. Learn about theory, vocabulary of critical thinking, structure of critical thinking and problem solving as it relates to classroom learning and other perceived information.
  3. Learn questioning techniques, the logic within critical thinking, how the teacher can be effective in teaching skills that will enhance critical thinking.

Required Text:

Browne, N & Keeley, S. (2001). Asking the Right Questions. NJ: Prentice-Hall

Recommended reading: Clayton, D. (2007). The re-discovery of common sense. NY: Universe, Inc.