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Understanding the Child, Pre K - 18

EDUC 600

This course follows the child from nursery school to high school graduation, studying the path of teacher, parent, and community as mentors of the child’s emotional, social, physical and educational development.  The child’s delayed development in learning, in part, is related to physical and prenatal development, the educational level of the parents and poverty issues.


As a result of participation in this course, students will learn about the stages of development in children and contrast that with the new look of today’s student.  If the teacher understands the changing student behavior from a conservative to a more challenging independent pattern, this information will provide new opportunities for creating avenues of interest that channel curiosity allowing for an effective learning environment.

Required Readings:

Healy, J. (2004).  Your child’s growing mind. 3rd edition, NY: Doubleday

Recommended Reading:

  • Breggin, P. (2000). Reclaiming our children. MA: Perseus
  • Bromfield, R (2000). Handle with care. NY: Teachers College Press
  • Csikszentmihaly, M. (2000). Becoming adult. NY: Basic Books
  • Hymowitz, K. (1999). Ready or not. NY: Free Press