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ND Dropout Prevention 2013

EDUC 600

The 5th Annual North Dakota Dropout Prevention Summit will bring educators, administrators, parents, students, business persons, and many others together to address the dropout problem in North Dakota's schools. Participants will hear presentations by national, state, and local experts, will participate in planning sessions to address local dropout issues, and will learn techiques and practices from each other. Participants wil also explore issues of school and life readiness for our state's youth.

Partners in the planning, promotion, and execution of the summit includethe Governor's office, the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce, the North Dakota Council of Education Leaders, the North Dakota Schools Boards Association, the Department of Public Instruction, Midcontinent Research for Education and Learning, and the North Dakota Association Foundation.

Session topics for the North Dakota Imagination Library Summit will include:

  • Measuring program success
  • Fundras
  • Involving the community.
  • Alternative schools and survey.
  • Online learning.
  • Homelessness among oil patch students.


a. Students will learn about the Imagination Library Program.

b. Students will develop better methods of enrollment, funding, and publicity regarding Imagination Library, resulting in greater child literacy and school readiness in their communities.

c. Students will learn about risk factors for dropping out of high school.

d. Students will learn about interventions designed to keep students in school.

e. Students will share and learn from each other, discovering ways they as individual can improve graduation rates in their schools and communities.