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Supervision of Student Teachers

EDUC 600

Planning and carrying out effective supervision techniques when supervising student teachers in respective subjects. This course is designed to develop the necessary base of knowledge in clinical supervision and to assist teachers in drawing on the research base, as well as on their own experiences, for further insights.  In addition, teachers who serve as student teacher supervisors must develop basic comprehensions about the developmental needs of student teachers, planning for the student teacher's total range of responsibility, the field of teacher education, and the specific requirements set out by the state of North Dakota for student teachers and cooperating teachers.

** Note:  Meets North Dakota requirements for a course in the supervision of student teaching.  *The North Dakota law stipulates additional requirements before a teacher receives approval as a cooperating teacher. 


At the conclusion of this course students will be able to: (numbers after each objective correspond to the chapters from the textbook):

1. Examine the procedures employed by teacher educators in carrying out and administering the Teacher Education program, including student teaching, at NDSU (policies, procedures, and forms).

2. Identify and define the legal responsibilities and roles of the cooperating teacher and student teacher. (10)

3. Identify one's supervisory style. (3)

4. State some of the procedures supervising teachers should use in working with student teachers before they arrive at the student teaching site, during the first few days, throughout the semester, and at the end of the student teaching experience. (1,2, 5)

5. Select the techniques to help the student teacher plan for class lessons. (6)

6. Select the methods or techniques to critique a student teacher's lesson for the purpose of helping that student teacher improve his or her teaching during the student teaching experience. (6, 7, 8)

7. Describe how the student teacher conference is organized and define its purpose. (8)

8. Predict examples of common problems encountered by supervising teachers when working with student teachers. (11)

9. Write recommendations for student teachers. (12)

10.  Complete a student teaching handbook.


Henry, M.A., Beasley, W.W., & Brighton, K.L. (2002). Supervising Student Teachers: The Professional Way, (6th ed.). Terre Haute, IN: Sycamore Press, *Please note: 5th edition is also available.

NDSU School of Education (2003) Making Student Teaching Work: A Manual for Cooperating Teachers & Student Teachers. (Online at http://www.ndsu.nodak.edu/school_of_education /student_teacherInfo.shtml and available from Teacher Education, NDSU, Fargo, *Please note: This manual will be provided.

NDSU School of Education (2003-2004) Teacher education handbook. (Online at http://www.ndsu.nodak.edu/school_of_education /student_teacherInfo.shtml and available from Teacher Education, NDSU, Fargo, *Please note: This manual will be provided.

Additional reading/notes will also be supplied as part of a module packet. You can purchase the packets and text at the NDSU Varsity Mart (800-428-8309) or http://www.ndsu.edu/bookstore.