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North Dakota History

EDUC 600

North Dakota History is based on examination and interpretation of text, archival documents (copies available online), and audio-visual sources. This course examines the history of North Dakota with an emphasis on the themes of geography, history, and agriculture, as per House Bill No. 1172. Students will consider aspects of North Dakota society, ethnicity, institutions, culture, economics, and politics as related to the three themes.


1.  Students will read and critically examine text, archival documents, and audio-visual sources relevant to the history of North Dakota.

2.  Students will participate in online discussions of topics with a focus on three themes of North Dakota: geography, history, and agriculture (as specified in House Bill No. 1172).

3.  Discussion threads will exhibit knowledge of the topics, offer suggestions for further inquiry, and open a line of discourse that is applicable to teachers of all grade levels.

4.  Students will be prepared to facilitate discussions and/or create curricula about North Dakota geography, history, and agriculture in the classroom.


*Note: All of these books are likely to be available in your local library.

Calof, Rachel. Rachel Calof's Story: Jewish Homesteader on the Northern Plains, ed. J. Sanford Rikoon. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1995. $12.95 ISBN: 0-253-20986-2.

Henke, Warren A. and Everett C. Albers. The Legacy of North Dakota's Country Schools. (Available from North Dakota Humanities, P.O. Box 2191, Bismarck, ND, 58502-2191) $9.95 (includes shipping & handling) ISBN: 096545792-3.

Green, Sheldon and Jim Coomber. Unwanted Bread: The Challenge of Farming and Ranching. $24.95 (Available from Institute for Regional Studies, NDSU, http://www.ndsu.nodak.edu/ndsu/heiraas/ndirs/publications.htm) $24.95 ISBN 0-911042-55-5.

Old Red Trail DVD. (Available from Prairie Public Television: http://imap.prairiepublic.org/store/page3.html ) $29.95.