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Native American/Multicultural Instructional Practices

EDUC 600

History of North Dakota tribes and reservations. Traditional and modern Native American cultures and values. Issues in Native American education. Goals of multicultural education. Instructional strategies and resources for teaching students of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Acquaint students with the history, cultures, educational needs, and experiences of Native Americans in North Dakota and at least on additional culture other than their own. Explore the roles of Native American education and multicultural education. Identify, examine, and evaluate an array of teaching techniques, instructional models, approaches, and materials that can be used to develop culturally relevant curricula.


Students will:

1.  Consider racism, prejudice, stereotype, discrimination, and other terms related to culture and multiculturalism;

2.  Recognize attitudes towards personal racial/ethnic group(s) and towards people of other ethnic groups.

3.  Identify traditional and modern values, characteristics, and concerns of various ethnic groups, especially those in ND.

4.  List and identify goals of multicultural education;

5.  Recognize myths and stereotypes about different ethnic groups and identify examples of outdated, stereotyped, and culturally-biased teaching methods;

6.  Identify benefits and limitations of various instructional strategies for use with students of diverse backgrounds;

7.  Create curriculum plans and materials that support the learning styles and cultural values of students from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Required Text:

Banks, J.A. & Banks, C.A., (2009), Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives, Hoboken, NJ; John Wiley & Sons.

Textbook can be ordered from the NDSU Bookstore, 231-7761 or from http://www.amazon.com.