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A Nation Of Wimps: The High Cost of Invasive Parenting

EDUC 600

This course examines the approaches to parenting in our current culture. The styles of parenting in today‚Äôs culture are more abstract and permissive regarding limits and discipline. These behaviors are manifested by students whose misbehaviors are modeled and protected by parents. The family dynamics in society are very different then previous generations. Social attitudes regarding values and children along with overprotective parenting are issues in schools and classrooms. Ways of addressing these complex social and family dynamics are presented. Educators will develop a written application essay on these issues and/or lesson/unit plan and a research review.  


1.  Educators will review the historical progression of rules and unrealistic expectations that have been implemented in society to protect children from themselves. 

2.  Teachers will look at how schools have been a blamed for all of society problems or concerns and how schools have taken on the responsibility of micro-managing all potential situations.
3.  Educators will examine social change that has taken place that shifts the burden of responsibility from individuals or parents onto other institutions, teachers and social support staff and school system. 

4.  Teaches will explore ways to discern situations and place the burden of responsibility where it belongs and to address overly protective parents.

5.  Educators will then research this topic as it relates to their society, personal lives as well as its impact on schools, classrooms,  students and apply solutions to these issues.


A Nation of Wimps: The High Cost of Evasive Parenting  by Hara Marano. 2008. Random House: New York Pages 264.