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Adolescent Psychology

EDUC 600

This course will focus on the study of adolescent development from pubescence to young adulthood. Emphasis will be placed on the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development of adolescents during the early and middle years. The study of identity development, gender identity, family dynamics, and problems faced by today's adolescents will also be explored.


This course is intended to:

  1. Equip students to better understand adolescent behavior, especially as it is observed in the North American culture.
  2. Help students gain insight into the behavior, needs, motives, and feelings of adolescents in order to be more effective in dealing with this population, as future parents, teachers, youth pastors, and youth workers.
  3. Provide students with an introduction to a theory base in human development that they can use as a foundation for planning or implementing programs for adolescents.
  4. Challenge students to reflect, from a Christian perspective, upon adolescent development and the influences that impact that development.
  5. Encourage students to reflect on their own adolescence and to understand the forces that impacted personal growth and development.
  6. Develop in students an appreciation and even a respect for adolescents.