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Superhero Tech Camp

EDUC 600

Superhero 2012 Tech Camp is a two day conference in Brainerd, MN (Oct. 19-20) designed to match technology-education minded attendees with innovative and engaging presenters to change education through technology. Superhero is built to expand our personal learning networks with hands on, engaging workshops that cover the breadth and depth of 21st-century student learning.  This one semester credit course requires students to attend the Superhero Tech Camp (four sessions) and apply what they learned from these sessions to their current classroom or theoretical teaching environment.


As a result of participation in the Superhero 2012 Tech Camp and 1 Credit course, you will:

1. Increase your technology knowledge in four hands-on workshops and bring-your-own-laptop sessions.

2. Discuss current Web 2.0 and cloud computing tools to support learning objectives in your classroom.

3. Identify the elements of the NETS for Teachers and Students and the potential impact of integrating the NETS and new conference learning into your classroom.

4. Develop a plan, a classroom tool or a professional development narrative focused on integrating the effective use of Web 2.0 into authentic learning experiences.

5. Implement steps to use Web 2.0 and conference tools in your classroom.

6. Use Moodle to participate in online discussions regarding your learning in this course.