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21st Century-ize Your Curriculum

EDUC 600

This is a five-week course that blends asynchronous and synchronous learning. Educators will examine five popular Web 2.0 tools, learn how to use these tools in the context of their classroom and align each technique with state curriculum standards.  Participants will also discuss the relationship between content, pedagogy, and technology and how that informs classroom practice.  This eCourse curriculum is based on TPACK, Understanding By Design, and other proven curriculum development models.


● Access and use a variety of Web-based educational technology tools and resources.

● Plan curriculum standards-based, technology enhanced learning activities for elementary or secondary students.

● Participate in meaningful online communication within and outside of an electronic learning community.

● Increase their awareness and comprehension of copyright and acceptable use issues and policies.

● Use educational technologies independently and on an ongoing basis to support and enhance instruction, self-directed learning, and collective professional development.