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Connected Coaching

EDUC 600

The use of coaches to assist educators in becoming more accomplished and subsequently improving student achievement occurs frequently in face-to-face settings. To meet the needs of today’s connected educators, coaching should also move into online spaces. During this nine-week course, educators will be prepared to coach in online spaces, to leverage the affordances of technology for coaching.  This course includes ninety-minute weekly webinars and asynchronous learning via a virtual learning community.  This course addresses the following standards: ISTE NETS for Coaches 1a, 2a-g, 3a-d, 5a-c, 6a-c and ISTE NETS-T Standards 1a-c, 2a-b, 3a-d, 5a-b.


● coach others implementing an appreciative strength based approach;

● apply effective strategies for building trust in online spaces;

● utilize affirmations and powerful questions to assist others in realizing previously unrecognized potential of those they coach;

● engage in active listening and paraphrasing in online spaces;

● demonstrate and model inquiry learning;

● leverage the uniqueness of online environments to facilitate the coaching process through avenues other than text (video, images, audio);

● demonstrate and model expertise, skills, and dispositions around empirically based instructional models including but not limited to TPACK, PBL, action research, adult learning and leadership in particular;

● select protocols and activities to best suit their needs and given situations using new forms of collaboration (Voicethread, Mindmeister, Primary pad, Today’s Meet);

● facilitate the process of a team of and/or individual educators as they engage in action research or design of a PBL unit.