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Be Fit 2 Learn!

HNES 600

Be Fit 2 Learn is a 2 day workshop meant for all staff in a school setting.  This workshop will provide a format where participants will experience, first hand, activities that integrate academics, physical activity, and music into a fun learning environment for teachers and students.  We will show you ways to integrate activity into your day to promote your wellness policy of 60 minutes of activity a day for all students.  The opportunities that hold promise include before and after school activities, recess and noon duties, hallway time, and  classroom physical activity to engage your students with a challenge to participate in learning activities centered on brain based principles and physical activity.  Participants will receive the tool kit needed to implement all activities provided to challenge their student's minds and bodies. The activities are designed with the content standards and benchmarks and they are all aligned with the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). The activities are designed to help students learn and practice what the students should know and be able to do and are developmentally appropriate to allow for individual differentiated learning styles.


1. Experience movement activities that will have a positive impact on learning academic concepts such as number awareness, and math as well as colors, alphabet, spelling, and vocabulary.

2.  Discuss research that indicates the need and importance for physical activity to enhance brain functioning.

3.  Experience methods to develop the whole child utilizing different learning & teaching styles.

4.  Experience methods to integrate academics in a fun learning environment leading to personal success.

5. Experience a program that shows you how to teach behavior rather than manage behavior.

6. Experience the technologies that can promote 60 minutes of activity each day for students and thus implement your wellness policy.