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The Red River, a Women’s Weekend

EDUC 600

Participants will utilize a female only weekend of canoeing and camping to acquire: 1) knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the Red River of the North, 2) the fundamentals of water quality monitoring through hands on activities, 3) exposure to the history of the basin through a storytelling format.


  1. To gain a solid understanding of water quality monitoring procedures through the use of field equipment to test federal regulated parameters, and include relevant strategies on how to use in classroom, field, and everyday situations.
  2. To gain an understanding of the stream corridor ecosystem through hands on interaction with the water, vegetation, and organisms that provide critical functions essential for maintaining a high quality of life.
  3. To enhance knowledge, skills, motivation, and commitment to teach Red River Basin water resources and water quality issues in addition to the history and geology of the basin.
  4. To share ideas and experiences about the Red River of the North and use a variety of teaching materials in a cooperative settings while networking with resource people and other teachers.
  5. To share experiences with other educators.
  6. To meet workshop participant expectations.
  7. To enhance creative thinking and problem solving skills while  acquiring fundamental water quality concepts and geology of the land.
  8. To experience learning in a fun, unique environment!