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Driver Ed 2/Classroom Instruction

EDUC 600

This course is the second of four courses to prepare students to become driver education instructors and is designed to provide the prospective driver education instructor with the content knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality Segment One and Two driver education classroom instruction, successfully manage the classroom and provide for appropriate student evaluation.


  • Demonstrate an understanding of the rules and regulations of the Michigan Department of State.
  • Develop and conduct learning activities to meet the objectives of Segment One and Two driver education.
  • Identification and/or development of resource materials for use in Segment One and Two driver education.
  • Identification of methods to involve parents in the learning process.

Materials Needed:          

  1. Michigan Traffic Safety Education Student Manual
  2. A copy of “What Every Driver Must Know”
  3. Latest version of the ADTSEA Curriculum
  4. Michigan GDL “A Guide for Parents”
  5. Michigan Department of State Driver Education Curriculum Guide