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Foundations of Education

EDUC 600

This class is designed to give students the opportunity to critically examine and explore the educational processes and practices commonly used in the United States. The course introduces prospective teachers to the field of education and its fundamentals.  The course will present real issues in education and give students the knowledge they will need to be successful professionals in the education field.


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Identify several personal motivations for becoming a teacher.
  2. Debate the pros and cons of teaching as a profession and examine his or her commitment to the teaching profession.
  3. Increase his or her understanding of education by focusing on four themes: schools and students, teachers, foundations and future and the teaching profession.
  4. Understand current educational issues related to the philosophy, history, finance and governance of education.
  5. Improve his or her academic analytical writing skills through writing assignments and projects.
  6. Demonstrate professional behavior and dress in the classroom.