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Artful Teaching

EDUC 600

This course is designed for all educators.  Participants will explore, through reading “Artful Teaching”, how the arts offer an entry point for gaining insight into why and how students learn.  This class also offers concrete ideas for educators who are looking to strengthen their own skills and improve student opportunities for learning.


Teacher is responsible to develop a lesson plan which integrates the arts (dance, drama, music, visual art) into your subject matter; creating a deeper and richer understanding of why and how to use the arts every day, to reach every child.  It should be extensive; one which incorporates lesson plans to incorporate all the various learning styles and how it extends to individual learning styles; visual, kinesthetic, auditory, reading/writing preference learners.


Artful Teaching: Integrating the Arts for Understanding Across the Curriculum, K-8 [Paperback] David M. Donahue (Editor), Jennifer Stuart (Editor), Lois Hetland (Afterword), Cyrus E. Driver (Foreword) $24.29 Ships from and sold by Amazon.com.