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Training Educators in Stress & Wellness

EDUC 600

Training Educators in Stress and Wellness is a course designed to help the educator as a whole.  The topics discussed will touch on many aspects that are involved with working in the field of education.  Whether you are an administrator or classroom teacher, there are key pieces of information we will provide to help you experience greater success while working with students.  Many times the educator, as a person, is forgotten.  New requirements, obligations, demands, stress...all of these can take a significant toll on a person.  By utilizing best practice techniques, we can help the educator feel better and more productive in their work.


1. Implements best practice and strategies into the educational system

2. Follow recommended guidelines for improving the wellness of themselves.

3. Utilize a greater understanding of the effects of stress and trauma and both themselves and students.

4. Design a schedule that provides both professional success and personal enhancement.

Required Student Resources:

Computer with speakers or headphones, internet access and active email account.