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Positive Relationships: Opening the Doors to Learning

EDUC 600

This course designed to lay  groundwork of why there is the need for strong relationships between teacher and student and teacher and home in order for optimal learning to occur.  Once the groundwork is set, we look at the many ways which relationships can be nurtured to make sure they are deeply engrained in the culture of the learning situation.  With a little bit of planning and some strategic communications, keeping the lines between home, school and students open is a piece of cake.


1. Implements best practice and strategies into the educational system.

2. Understand brain research on relationships and learning.

3. Grow knowledge of the importance of positive relationships.

4. Understand how positive relationships can be created and enhanced.

5. Demonstrate the need for positive relationships in schools.

Required Student Resources:

Computer with speakers or headphones, internet access and active email account.