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Google Custom Search Discovered

EDUC 600

Guide your students as they better master content and more easily make sense of the massive information available on the web by creating a Google Custom Search Engine relevant to specific content in your curriculum. Discover and explore the wide variety of Google Custom Search tools available. Create a Google Search Story to inspire your students to learn more. Engage your students in meaningful learning by creating a unit plan that incorporates specific search tools. Working at your own pace throughout this course, you will unlock the power of Google, investigate 21st Century skills and concepts, and use Atomic Learning resources to enhance teaching and learning in your classroom. 


Students will:

  1. Deconstruct the elements of 21st Century skills and concepts and evaluate the potential impact of integrating this framework into teaching and learning in your classroom.
  2. Synthesize information from Google for Educators Educational Resources and apply research-based best practice with powerful Google search tools in your classroom.
  3. Guided by elements of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy and Meaningful Learning Theory, further develop a unit you teach that is aligned with your state and district standards by:
    1. Integrating the effective use of Google web searching into authentic learning experiences;
    2. Create a Google Custom Search that will support a specific learning objective in your classroom;
    3. Create a Google Search Story that will engage your students in content.
  4. Critically analyze your school or district’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy in terms of the significant nature of digital citizenship.
  5. Apply best practice in analyzing and evaluating web resources.
  6. Use Atomic Learning (online software tutorials) as a technical and experiential resource.
  7. Use Moodle to participate in online discussions regarding your learning in this course.

Technology required:

  • Computer with Internet access.
  • Google account – If you don’t have a Gmail account, create one here: http://bit.ly/xdyx19.
  • Personal or Professional Access to YouTube.


There is no textbook associated with this course. Required reading is found online. Participants will complete the readings and independent activities described below to achieve the course objectives.