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Leading Edge Boot Camp

EDUC 600

Superintendents, principals, and educational leaders know that students are using the Web, mobile technologies, and other tools to connect and create social networks. But do they also recognize their transformative potential for learning?  During this five-week course, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Will Richardson will help education leaders not only understand how 21st Century technologies are challenging curriculum and pedagogy but how savvy leaders can use them economically to expand learning opportunities and assure all students gain the skills and dispositions they need to thrive in the new millennium. This course includes ninety-minute weekly webinars and asynchronous learning via a virtual learning community.


  • Participate in meaningful online communication within and outside of an electronic learning community.
  • Demonstrate and model how to effectively the build strong a Personal Learning Network to educators.
  • Utilize their PLN towards systemic change.
  • Use educational technologies to support being a connected leader.
  • Select protocols and tools to assess teacher performance in a shifted classroom.
  • Leverage the talent in own building to create a learning organization with a shared vision to support student achievement and innovation.