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Becoming a Reflective Teacher

EDUC 600

Presenter Robert J. Marzano is one of the nation's leading education researchers and teacher training instructors. This course is designed  to give teachers insight and practical guidance on how to create a structure and mindset that focuses on continually improving  their skills. The course explains the latest research and theory on "reflective practice," meaning improving teacher skills by identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, setting goals and engaging in focused practiced to meet those goals. Teachers will learn how to combine a model of effective instruction with goal setting, focused practice, focused feedback, observations  and discussion  to improve their instructional practices.


After completing this course, educators will know:

  • Nine critical design questions and their elements.
  • Methods for systematizing the reflection process.
  • How to set and pursue specific growth goals.

Student Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, educators will apply the following skills:

  • Conduct a complete self-audit of their practice.
  • Articulate growth goals.
  • Pursue growth goals through the establishing of protocols and focused strategies.
  • Solicit feedback from students and colleagues.
  • Improve their practice through the reflection process.