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Bringing Your Classroom Online: Best Practices to Get You There

EDUC 600

This course takes an exciting look at 21st century themes and concepts. You’ll learn tools and techniques that will help you to engage the digital learners in your classroom. Through the development of lesson plans and activities you will gain insight into ways in which you can thoughtfully transform your classroom with meaningful use of technology.  You’ll have the opportunity to write a lesson plans incorporating 21st century concepts and learn how to use a wiki to house your online content.  This course is your guide to building an online environment for your students.


As a result of participation in this course, students should:

  1. Understand 21st century skills, why they are important and how to integrate them into your classroom.
  2. Create a lesson plan with thoughtful integration of 21st themes and skills.
  3. Create online tools, specifically a wiki, for classroom use.
  4. Develop the classroom into a online learning environment for students.


The required reading is found in the following articles/websites:

Articles:  (referenced in the study guide and linked in your online course)

  • Dede, Chris (July 2009).  Harvard Graduate School of Education: “Comparing Frameworks for “21st Century Skills.””
  • Lips, Dan (January, 2010). The Heritage Foundation: “How Online Learning is Revolutionizing K-12 Education and Benefiting Students.”
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